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ATP TV Productions • we’re a film and video production company based in Jerusalem, Israel

ATP Global

Looking to film in Israel? Need film production services in Israel? Need film crews in Israel? Need fixers in Israel? Need to produce documentary films in Israel? Need video production in Israel? ATP is here for you. We are a film and TV production company based in Jerusalem, Israel. We’re professional, easy to work with and we get the job done within time and before deadline.


ATp global

Working and Traveling with international media companies helped us build a network of Fixers and other professionals around the world. We now offer our services abroad.



Palestinian Authority

We have been working with Palestinians for years, you may be surprised but when it comes to journalism and film making we have great cooperation with Palestinians. We also know the area ourselves and are able to give a complete solution for filming on both sides of the big wall.


The middle East

Working in the center hub of media outlets in the Middle East has its pros; We know who the best people are to use as fixers or crew anywhere in the middle East.
We have Worked in Egypt and Jordan many times and know some of the best people in the business there.


Thailand and South East Asia

We have spent a few months working In Bangkok, and now have some great contacts and a good knowledge of Thailand and the surrounding countries.



Greece and Cyprus

We at ATP have been providing services for Greek National TV for years, and have been sent on many assignment to Cyprus and Greece.

We have a good understanding of how Greece works, and more importantly, we have worked with the best fixers in Greece, and will be happy to do so again.



Having worked in Romania we have access to great people that know Romania inside out and can provide all the logistics needed to make a film or a TV program.


We have access to great people that know Georgia inside out and can provide all the logistics needed to make a film or a TV program.



Having worked in Korea for a considerable period, we now have Contacts with some of the best local crews and fixers and an understanding on how it is to work in this country.

more coming in 2018..