Film & TV & Video production services in Israel - ATP TV Productions company in Jerusalem, Israel
ATP TV Productions • we’re a film and video production company based in Jerusalem, Israel

What We Do

We provide professional Film, TV, News, Documentary and Video Production camera crews and services in Israel and the Middle East, including assistance and facilitation services met by veteran local experts who know how to secure interviews with key figures who are otherwise hard to reach.


We do whatever it takes to make your project happen..

We do our best to make you look good: get the best CONTRIBUTORS and locations, keep you safe, save money and do it all on time.

we do: 

  • Research and per-production

  • Fixing and translation

  • Crews, gear and production services

  • Safety and Security

  • Transportation and accommodations

  • Stills photography

  • print and Online

  • commercial and promotional films

  • co production and obtaining Grants



Israel and Palestine have so many stories waiting to be told, we invite you to come and tell them. We at ATP Productions will help you find the stories and the best people to tell that story.

We provide services from the early stages of research, pre production, finding locations, taking care of permits and accreditation, renting gear and supplying crew, fixers and any logistics involved.

We have worked on many documentary films and know what it takes to make a great film.


feature films

Israel has become a very attractive location for feature film makers in the last decades. The Israeli film industry has come a long way, and many co-productions and foreign films have been filmed in Israel.

At ATP Productions we can give you all the production facilities for your feature film; We have worked with top Hollywood film producers and British drama film productions.

The film industry in Israel is of a very high standard and it is possible to get gear and crew of the highest international standards.



Speed, accuracy, access, safety and reliability. These are the principals that guide the ATP teams.

Be it a desert race, a demonstration or a full out war. We've been there, done that. We’re always keeping an eye out so everybody comes home safe.

At ATP we have the basic gear for a "pick up & go" news reporting. Body armor, helmets, cars, HD camera & recording gear, all ready to be on the move in a few hours or less with top notch camera operators, producers, professional grade drivers, translators and fixers. All wired up to get the story on air in time and with the best footage to be had.


crew & gear

All our crews speak English and have experience working with international filmmakers and Journalists.

We have a carefully chosen selection of crew for whatever the job is, you will be able to get a CV and a show reel for any crew member we offer you. We can proudly say we work with some of the best cameramen and sound-men in Israel.

If it is a Camera man, gaffers, grip, art directors, special effects, aerial photography, underwater photography, transportation captains, location managers, production assistants, assistant cameraman, personal security experts, or any other specialist you might need – we can get you the best, for a fair and competitive prices.

The film industry in Israel is of very high standard and it is possible to get gear and crew of the highest international standards.



Radio Print and Online

We can write the story or help you do so.

At ATP we are keenly aware what it takes to do a three minute TV or radio story and a fifteen hundred word piece for your newspaper or internet site.

All of us at ATP have a deep understanding of journalistic ethics, local culture and politics, we know how to operate in the field, get interviews and handle ourselves in a war zone.

Our vast infrastructure of contacts allows us to do "fixing" work on the go, and the back office support doesn't hurt either.


Stills Photography

We at ATP all started our way in the industry as still Photographers, and this is perhaps our biggest passion.

Be it a special project for a magazine, online photo gallery or a hard news report, we would love to go out and get the images you need.

If you are a Photographer yourself we can assist you on the assignment - we have an Idea what you are looking for and when the best light will shine on your shoot.



Israel offers a great variety of locations in a very small area, the diversity of landscapes climates and human landscapes is overwhelming.

We at ATP Productions are experts at finding you the best location for your needs, Our location scouts have great knowledge of the country, and as off road enthusiasts, know remote spots that not many people know.

We know the importance of sound, light at different times of day, and the logistics of getting there as well as security and safety issues that may be involved.


Israel is a democratic country and generally open to filming, but in many cases filming in different locations requires a filming permit, or coordination with the relevant authorities.

ATP productions will take care of getting the right permit for each location, it is often about knowing the right person, and how to approach them that makes the difference.



We know that being well prepared for a project will determine its success.

Getting the best contributors and understanding a story takes some prep work before you even arrive. 

You want to know in advance what is possible and sometimes more important - what is not, is it safe and how much will it cost?

We can find and arrange interviews on any subject, and have good connections where it helps in order to get top official interviews on the Israeli and the Palestinian side.

Organizing the schedule, budget and logistics: to make a shoot a successful one, it is critical that everything will be as organized as efficient as possible before the shoot starts.

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Commercials and promotional films for businesses

We make Promotional films for businesses, from the Initial stages of finding the best Idea and concept, writing a script, Producing, Shooting and Editing.

Our job is to make your business look good, and do it on time and on Budget.



Our Fixers are 100-percent committed to the success of your project, this is where experience, knowing the place, the culture,contacts, improvisation skills and charm all come together to make whatever you come here to do - happen. Our fixers believe not only you should get what you came here to do done, you should enjoy doing it. We have a team of English speaking fixers for any job.

In Israel it is often crucial to pick up the right person for the job.

ATP can provide Israeli fixers with Journalistic background, Palestinian fixers, Arab Israeli fixers, ultra religious Jewish fixers - whatever you need to do we can find the right person to do it with you.