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ATP TV Productions • we’re a film and video production company based in Jerusalem, Israel
Top Gear: The Three Wise Men - Christmas Special Trailer

Work We've Done

We provide professional Film, TV, News, Documentary and Video Production camera crews and services in Israel and the Middle East.

BBC, Top Gear: Middle East Special, 3 wise man.

BBC, Boris Johnson - "After Rome"

Few know that before becoming the mayor of London and a Politician, Boris Johnson made some films, this one about the Roman empire - no politics.

Solar panels designed for low light | Sustainable Energy

A film About 3g Solar we shoot for Total Energy

CNN, "Parts Unknown" with Anthony Bourdain

Working with Anthony Bourdain was great, we filmed in Israel Gaza and the West bank.

He is one of the coolest man on Earth, we thought then.

so tragic to hear of his death, may he rest in Peace.

BBC, Louis Theroux: "The Ultra Zionists"

Sony, Feature film "Bruno" with Sacha Baron Cohen

BBC One, Planet Earth II, "Baby Ibex's dramatic descent"

Baby Ibex's dramatic descent

PBS Frontline, "Netanyahu at War".

BBC, Kate Humble, "Extreme Wives"

Ch 4, "The Search For A Miracle Cure"

Ch 4, Richochet, "Food Unwrapped"

Larry Charles & Bill Maher " Religulous"

BBC, Songs of Praise,"Holy Land"

BBC & Discovery Channel, "Miracles of Jesus"

BBC "Mixed Up In The Middle East"

BBC, Ragge Omar, "The Dead Sea Scrolls"